Sewing Seams Easy:

Sewing Seams Easy is an sewing club dedicated to making fabulous clothes and soft furnishings in a friendly environment. I personally love the idea of a small, self ran sewing business, and wanted to know more about being self employed. Mary Anne Robbins (Founder of sewing seams Easy) kindly answered some of my questions, and now I am sharing her experience with you fellow readers.

1) What inspired you to create your own business?

  • “I have been self employed since 1985 (ok I realise that is before you were born) in various very different businesses, with varrying degrees of success, once you have been self employed for about 3 years most employers won’t touch you. They think you will be after their job, that you will have your own ideas and won’t follow orders very well (I think they are right!) I had a franchise that wasn’t going well, I had been doing it for 2 years started in a recession, didn’t like what I was doing and couldn’t make any money. An acquaintance phoned, asking what I was doing at the moment, we had a long chat about what was I passionate about, what drove me etc. She is a life coach, we dismissed various ideas, towards the end of the call I said that I had always sewn (since a small child) at this she was jumping up and down. She googled various keywords around learning to sew and found out there were tens of thousands of hits on the key words. After a lot of research by sewing business was born!”

2) Do you have a favourite thing to sew?

  • “I enjoy upcycling and refashioning items of clothing, making things individual.”

3) What is your favourite thing about passing on your knowledge to the people who attend your clubs?

  • “Helping people to become confident in using a sewing machine, loads of people are petrified that the machine will run away with them, that they will sew their fingers! Giving them confidence in themselves, trusting that they are capable of making things and being creative.”

4) I love the name Sewing Seams Easy, was it difficult to chose a name?

  • “I belong to online marketing groups and I love ‘a play on words’ so I suggested various names and we brainstormed the ideas. The name has become popular with people and they often say it is a great name.”

5) Who has been your greatest supporter throughout your journey?

  • “My mother who is 96, she taught me to sew, my partner who loves to see my successes, the online facebook group called ‘The Girls Mean Business'”

6) If you could do anything differently, what would it be?

  • “When I left school everyone expected me to become a domestic science teacher (Needlework and Cookery) but I hated my teacher and didn’t want to turn out like her so I didn’t do it! But life has gone full circle, but I have enjoyed the circular route and think I have learnt a lot more about life than if I had gone straight into teaching!”

7) If you could have any celeb attend your club, who would it be and why?

  • “I’m not really interested in celebraties, but I would like Claire Mitchel from ‘The Girls Mean Business’ to come along but that would be so I could pick her brains on more marketing advice. Maybe a couple of the people off the Sewing Bee (but not the judges!)”

8) What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

  • In sewing: “Measure twice and cut once.”
  • In building a business: “Don’t wait for it to be perfect, lauch your business then ajust and tweek things as you go. Work out who your ideal customer is and market to them, others will join you and buy your product/service, but only market to your IC, the person you love to work with.”

Please check out the Sewing Seams Easy website:

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I was truly inspired by each word and hope that you were too! Creating a business isn’t easy (My dads got his own business and iv suffered enough of his rants to know its not easy!) but i think Sewing Seams Easy is something to be proud of!

Thank you to Mary Anne for taking the time to read my questions, and answering them so beautifully! You are a true role model.

Let us know who your role model in the comments below!

Lots of Love


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